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  • LEAD Correspondence will provide an alternative for families who want to teach state content and performance standards using methods and materials of their choice with allotment support from the Yakutat School District.

    Students in LEAD correspondence program are:

    • Eligible to participate in athletics, music programs, and other extra-curricular activities
    • Assigned a certified education specialist who is knowledgeable of various curricula, courses, resources, and learning styles as well as Yakutat Correspondence School policies and requirements.

    LEAD Correspondence program will provide resources and support in order to facilitate a successful alternative learning environment to meet individual student needs; resulting in the skills necessary to participate as a responsible citizen in a global society.

  • Registration & Enrollment

    How to enroll your child
  • The LEAD Correspondence office requires the following

  • Once we have received and reviewed your registration application, we’ll contact you to set up a meeting with our contact teacher to begin developing an ILP for your student.  The ILP is an individualized and comprehensive summary of all subjects your student will be studying during the school year. 

    If you are new to home education, our contact teacher will assist you in choosing appropriate curriculum for your child.  Once you’ve finalized classes for the ILP, you will enter the details online through the BrightWays Learning portal.  The ILP must be in place by October 1st.  Families may access allotment funds after July 1st, once the ILP is completed.

    • Enrollment form
    • Home Teacher Agreement Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)
    • Student record request form (only if transferring from another school district)
    • Current Immunization Record (only if the student is planning to participate in school activities, sports, GAP etc.)
    • Physical examination required if participating in sports (will receive form from coach or clinic has them on file)
    • Placement test /SBA /AMP/MAP scores if applicable
    • Copy of student’s birth certificate
    • Home Language Survey Migrant education form
    • Indian Education form (for Alaska Native or American Indian students only)
  • Enroll Your Child in LEAD Correspondence

  • Curriculum & Planning

    Ways your child can learn

    All students enrolled in LEAD Correspondence must complete an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) outlining their course studies for the year. The parent, advising teacher and student, when appropriate, develops this plan jointly. The ILP must include on-going assessment and be designed to meet proficiency toward achievement of state standards.

    Curriculum, educational services and/or materials used must be aligned to the learning plan to be considered for reimbursement. Students have one year to complete their coursework.

    Parents may design their own classes with the assistance of the assigned advising teacher. These classes will list what the child is expected to learn and be aligned with the state standards. The course must include the text and materials that will be used for the course.

    Parent Designed Courses (PDC) and the text and materials used must be reviewed and approved before credit will be assigned.

    LEAD encourages the use of programs that meets all of the requirements of a sound education for the student. This may be accomplished through various ways and each parent has the ability to select the curriculum he/she feels is the best suited for his/her child. Your LEAD teacher is available to assist parents in making decisions regarding appropriate curriculum.

    Please recognize that religious, partisan, sectarian, or denominational textbooks, curriculum or materials are not reimbursable.

    LEAD requires enrollment in a minimum of four courses (8 semester classes) with our school to be counted as full time. Per regulation 4 AAC 33.426, students enrolled in a correspondence program, whether full or part-time, must take at least 50% of the student’s coursework through the statewide correspondence program in core courses.

    A student enrolled in more than two correspondence classes must take core courses in at least two different subject areas. A full time student with LEAD must take a minimum of 2 core classes. Core coursework performed outside the statewide correspondence program may not count towards the 50% core course requirement.

    • English/Literature/Reading
    • Technology
    • Math
    • Foreign Language/Sign Language
    • Social Studies/History/Geography
    • Courses Required by I.E.P
    • Science
  • Resources

    Forms and essential information for getting started
  • Contact Us

    Where to find us
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      LEAD Correspondence
      Yakutat School District
      P.O. 429
      Yakutat, AK 99689

    • Phone

      Phone: 907-784-3317
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